Swing Door Slimframe

Salinox’s slim frame is an elegant aluminum profile which enables the creation of a glass opening door, wherever the wall’s thickness is to thick to accommodate a frame, or is simply not there. The immediate installation of the profile, on the wall’s vertical surface (without embracing the wall), creates a sturdy profile suitable for the support of a glass door, while with the addition of another fitment, it can create a door which can be mounted on glass surfaces

The swing door describes a classic room door in the traditional sense. Whereby the term “classic” hardly meets the requirements of the swing door, because the door based on the principle of the aluminum frame corresponds in many aspects to the modern system philosophy . This is primarily the individual adaptation of dimensions and design, but also a high standard of design and quality of workmanship. The design freedom of the fillings is also positive. Glass and wood but also veneered and varnished fillings can be used. In terms of design and quality, the door impresses with its distinctively clear and minimalist design, as well as the elegantly functional details such as the door handle – of course lockable – and the pivoting suspension.