Starwood-Aluwood-Oltreluce TT Massello-Austin Glaze

The Oltreluce TT Massello is the aluminum-wood cut windowthermal that combines interior design and the highest technology applied to residential windows. Oltreluce is a door system a disappeared, the outer face of the mobile frame is hidden completely from the fixed one. To characterize this series is the wooden frame of the door with clear lines and reduced overall dimensions visual. The wide range of finishes combined with the possibility of choosing the cover of the wooden or aluminum frame make the model suitable for interpreting different solutions for interior design. Outside the aluminum frame disappears and the window hole is filled by glass, which becomes the real protagonist. Possibility of extension from the basic set with: vandal-proof glass P5A (withstand the impact of 9 objects weighing 4.10 kg with a fall of 9 m); perimeter hardware with anti-tear system and more points of closing as per RC2 diagram .Have Glazing Upto 36mm And frame depth 95mm . Air tightness is level 4 , Water tightness 9A And Windload is C5 . Acoustic Performance is 44dB . And Thermal Insulation is 1.95W/m2K .