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Aluwood Windows

Aluwood Windows

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Non-Insulated Systems

Non-insulated system

Serie SW40

Series SW40

Serie SW50

Series SW50

Serie SK65

Serie SK65

Serie SW75s

Serie SW75s

Serie SW130s

Serie SW180s

Serie SW180s

Insulated Systems

Insulated Systems

Insulated System

Serie SW60TT


Serie SW70TT


Serie SK80TT


Serie SW80TT


Serie SK 100sTT

SK 100S TT

Serie SK180sTT


Reason one

Reason One

Door Handle


OltreluceWood Design’s

Specially-treated TRICOAT hardware

Durability, strength, functionality and safety.

These are the essential features that quality door and window fixtures must be capable of offering. Starwood doors and windows come standard with MULTIMATIC IN TRICOAT fittings: innovative corrosion-resistant mechanisms that ensure the long-lasting efficiency and beauty of the door and window fixtures. Only Tricoat fittings are truly capable of protecting the value of the doors and windows to which they are applied. Tricoat fittings represent true innovations and have been shown to extend the average service life of doors and windows alike. These new mechanisms are subjected to a special surface treatment that enhances their corrosion resistance capabilities. The use of two overlapping protective layers (including galvanization and organic painting) provides for an unassailable barrier against the external agents.


  • Surfaces treated using a duplex system: galvanization + painting
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Extended door and window life
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