Starwood-Aluwood-SW80TT-Austin Glaze

The SW80TT series is the aluminum-wood system with the Finestra brand Casa Clima quality since 2012. This product stands out for a thermal break with 34 mm polyamide strips and profiles in EPS inside the tubularities, reaching a very high thermal insulation standard, up to 0.9 W / m2K, ideal for low-energy housing. The high degree of thermal and acoustic insulation allows you to enjoy the comfort of your home regardless of the outside temperature, matching the different styles of interior design. Possibility of extension from the basic set with: vandal-proof glass P5A (withstand the impact of 9 objects weighing 4.10 kg with a fall of 9 m); perimeter hardware with anti-tear system and more points of closing as per RC2 diagram . Glazing upto 47mm and frame depth 93mm. Air tightness is 4 , water tightness is E1050 and windload is C5 . Acoustic performance is 46dB And thermal insulation is 1,41 W/m2K.