Starwood-Aluwood-SW70TT-Austin Glaze

The SW70TT series, with thermal break, is characterized by the a aluminum snap that guarantees the insulation of the internal wood from external wind pressures and makes installation and glass maintenance. The system thanks to the cut aluminum profiles technical and the contribution of wood reaches high performance thermal, up to a Uw 1.1 W / m2K; this allows for considerable reduction of heating and air conditioning costs of the house. It stands out for its extreme versatility, lending itself to numerous applications on various types of frames. Possibility of extension from the basic set with: vandal-proof glass P5A (withstand the impact of 9 objects weighing 4.10 kg with a fall of 9 m); perimeter hardware with anti-tear system and more points of closing as per RC2 diagram. Air tightness of level 4,Water tightness is 9A And windload is C5.Acoustic performance is 44dB And Thermal insulation is 1,82 W/m2K.