Starwood-Aluwood-SW60TT-Austin Glaze

The SW60TT series combines the quality of materials and the elegance of design for reliability destined to last over time. The product, with thermal break, it is characterized by the presence of a single frame solid wood on the mobile frame (door) and from the glazing bead a contrast. High thermal performance, which can reach up to a Uw value 1.1 W / m2K, making it suitable for all climatic zones. The series is available in five different frame designs for the interior, among which the inlay solution stands out, and two for the exterior, one framed and a squared one. Possibility of extension from the basic set with: vandal-proof glass P5A (withstand the impact of 9 objects weighing 4.10 kg with a fall of 9 m); perimeter hardware with anti-tear system and more points of closing as per RC2 diagram . Air tightness of level 4 , Water tightness is E1200 And Windload is C5 . Acoustic Performance is 44dB And Thermal insulation is 1,78 W/m2K . Glazing upto 36mm and Depth of frame is 90mm.