Starwood-Aluwood-SK80TT-Austin Glaze

The SK80TT series with thermal break is at the top of the range of aluminum-wood systems, for thermal and acoustic insulation, the perfect fusion between the essence of wood and the solidity of aluminum. It is characterized by the snap-on aluminum glazing bead that guarantees the insulation of the internal wood from external pressures; this makes it more simple installation and maintenance of the glass. Thanks to the 27.50 mm polyamide insulating strips and the profiles in EPS in the tubularities, reaches high thermal performance, Uw up at 1 W / m2K, making it ideal for low-energy buildings energetic. Possibilità di ampliamento dal set base con: vetri antivandalismo P5A (resistono all’impatto di 9 oggetti dal peso di 4,10 kg con caduta da 9 m); ferramenta perimetrale con sistema antistrappo e più punti di chiusura come da schema RC2 . Glazing Upto 41mm and Frame depth 100mm .Air Tightness of level 4 and water tightness E1200 and wind load C5 . Acoustic performance is 46dB And thermal insulation is 1,67 W/m2K .