Starwood-Aluwood-SW40-Austin Glaze

The SW40 aluminum-wood window combines the quality of materials and the elegance of the design. The open joint system is characterized by the presence of a single solid wood flesh on the mobile frame (door) and the contrasting glazing bead in insulating material; what allows to obtain a good thermal insulation, with a value of transmittance up to Uw 1.6 W / m2K. This series, the result of careful research, meets the needs of good thermal insulation, even without the use of aluminum profiles a thermal break, and those of a design in line with the current ones trends, thanks to its versatility, I have four different moldings for the door frame. Possibility of extension from the basic set with: P4A anti-vandal glass (withstand the impact of 3 objects weighing 4.1 kg with a 9 m fall); perimeter hardware with anti-tear system RC1 scheme . Air tightness of level 4 and water tightness is 9A and Windload is C5 . Glazing upto 26mm and frame depth 74.50mm. Acoustic performance is 38dB And thermal insulation is 2,57 W/m2K.