Starwood-Aluwood-Reason One-Austin Glaze

The aluminum wood system is the culmination of 25 years of research and development Reason One. Thanks to the thermal break profiles made with strips in low density polyamide and thanks to the geometry designed for create more insulating chambers, Reason One represents excellence for thermal insulation, reaching a Uw value of up to 0.9 W / m2K. The Reason One window is the best for our homes, because it combines in a single product, thermo-acoustic insulation, design, safety and functionality, that is, it is the window of today for our tomorrow. Possibility of extension from the basic set with: P5A anti-vandal glass (withstand the impact of 9 objects weighing 4.10 kg with a 9 m fall); perimeter hardware with anti-tear system and more points of closing as per RC2 diagram . Air tightness is level 4, Water tightness is E1200 and Windload is C5 . Acoustic performance is 46dB and Thermal insulation is 1,45 W/m2K . Glazing upto 41mm And frame depth is 95.50mm.