Best Windows & Glass Partitions

Thermal Break Sections.

Thermally break aluminium consists of inner and outer shell that are crimped by heat-insulating plastic profiles ( i.e. polyamide strip).

Thermal insulation of a thermally broken aluminium Door/window is far better than non thermal aluminium Door/window. U-value of of non thermal aluminium Door/window frame is approx. 6.1 W/m2K. But in thermal break aluminium Door/window frame it is approximate 2 W/m2 K.

Does it matter ? 

If we are using Double Glazed Glass , the performance of Door/window will be approx. 30 ~45% less in non thermal aluminium Door/window.

Let us check an example of a openable Door of size in width 3 ft ( 915 mm) & height 8 ft ( 2440 mm). Let us compare it with 3 kind of material- Non thermal aluminium Door, Thermal break aluminium Door & uPVC Door made up using Class “A” profile ( as per EN 12608).  

Glass specification are as following 24 mm Double glazed glass – 6 mm toughened clear glass + 12 mm air ( or, argon filled gap) + 6 mm toughened clear glass- U value  of glass is 2.8 W/m2 K. Know More..

Almost any solution for any Skylight.

Wide range of mullions (from 130 mm to 250 mm) and transoms (from 40.5 mm to 255.5 mm)

» Internal section of 52 mm

» This skylight system allows for an easy integration of our veranda systems, our hinged windows or our sliding window/door systems

» It allows the possibility of adding a motorized top hung projecting opening in roof areas. Learn More..

Fire Rated Glazing’s or Panic Hardware

Fire resistance category EI60

» Coplanar profiles with straight lines of 80 mm of section

» Retardant insulation materials that do not combust in the profile chambers, as well as intumescentant gaskets which have a expansion effect and bio-soluble paper in the glazing area

» Polyamide strip length 35 mm

» Possibility of joining with fixed areas, it also incorporates special opening hardware with anti-panic function, automatic door closing system and handles/hinges officially approved in the fire extinguishing sector. Learn More..

Bifold or Sliding Folding.

Up to 14 sashes outside and inside opening

» Possibility of either even or odd number of sashes

» it allows to insert the bottom frame in the pavement. Learn More..

Separate Compartment for easy Louver maintenance inside the window.

» Double hidden sash system of 122 mm 

» Allows for quadruple glazing in order to get a excellent  accoustic isolation. Rw until 50 dB

» Additionally there is a quadruple gasket system that improves both the thermal and acoustic insulation

» There is the possibility of incorporating a manual or motorized venetian blinds or shutter in the inner (65 mm) chamber

» Access to the chamber is possible for cleaning and maintenance. Learn More..

Now Slimline Facade with only 18mm Thickness inside.

Internal seen section of just 18 mm

» Minimalist and slim look 

» Its mullions and transoms offer, as a result of their joint, an uniform union on the outside face of the curtain wall. Learn More..

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