Best Windows & Glass Partitions

Fresh Air in Closed Position too..isn’t it unique & surprising

Micro ventilation. Now no need to open Sliding Windows or Casement Doors for fresh air Ventilation, Because your windows are always breathing fresh air inside & that too without any mosquitoes or insects. Amazing Technology. Learn More..

Seems like Fixed Frame But opens like a Shutter..

To open a window we are required to give members or split the window, now you don’t require this, we can provide you a window which looks like fixed but it is openable & also gives an option to open it in tilt & turn position. Learn More..

Slimline Windows a revolution..only 20mm Visible section.

Slimline Windows. It is most advanced technology in the World, only 20mm intersection member gives the seamless view with all most invisible section, providing 97% or Even more glass view. Even the outer frames of the systems can be hidden or recessed all around the Walls, Floor & Ceiling. Learn More..

Don’t Believe we have installed India’s Largest Height Sliding Window.

World Largest Slimline Sliding Windows, Have you ever heard or thought of using the 21 Feet Height or Width Sliding Shutter. Yes we have already installed it in India, This system is being imported from Switzerland & comes in Slimline with intersection of only 25mm. Yes you thought it right we can also give this system with Motorised opening. Learn More..

Lift & Slide..The most comfortable drive technology.

Lift & Slide Windows. It is the most Smoothest drive in Sliding window system. This window can be Locked wherever it’s required as you can lock it by opening only 6 inches or at full opening, choice is yours. Thanks to it’s weight taking capacity it can hold triple glazed glass or the size can go up to 3.5 metres Height with 3.5 metres of width. Learn More..

System with hidden tracks..The Most amazing Technology

Hidden Track Systems. Very Few or very rare companies can provide this type of hidden bottom tracks For Exterior installations of Slimline Window systems. Luckily we have it for Manual or Motorised Sliding Windows & that too with proper water drainage system. Learn More..

Window which completely hides in walls.

Galandage Windows or Pocket Windows. Now we can provide almost all Sliding window systems with the option or the possibility to completely hide the window shutters in your side walls. Learn More..

Window Shutter which can go to the Bottom or on the Top.

Guillotine Window Systems. This is the most advanced or latest type of Window system in which you can open the window by sliding the openable shutter to top or bottom. Both options are available in manual & motorised. Learn More..

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