Jumbo Windows

Pack-Line was created in 1990. It manufactures aluminium joineries (doors, windows, verandas) for Swiss metal manufacturers. 

In the course of time, Pack-Line has developed a strong expertise in new products, allowing  prescribers to offer  large technical solutions for bay windows. 

Since 2010, Pack-Line is moving towards the design and production of ultra thin king size sliding windows for contemporary architecture

The WEEEZE Plus is a « king size »  sliding window. It is suitable for contemporary architecture and is particularly adapted to large mobile glazed surfaces. Floor to ceiling, without limitation of width, the glass covers all the surface of the opening. The sliding panels offer a variety of possibilities: they can open in angles and disappear in the side walls. 

The window frame (high, low and side) can be completely recessed into the ceiling, the floor and the partitions. 

The profile of the side opening disappears completely  in the thickness of the frame. Only the central profiles of the opening (the face seen : 2cm) are visible. 

A continuous bearing strip, located on the window frame ensures the sliding motion of the panels and takes  the load of the glass. This running gear is made  up, according to the size of the opening, 10 to 20 casters per meter. These casters are made of polished stainless steel and contain watertight ball-bearing. 

Openings are composed of a U-profile insulating made of polyamide armed with fiberglass which can receive , by joining, of triple glasses thickness 54 to 62 mm. The aluminum profiles, with thermal break, are fixed  on the U-profil to allow sealing and the rigidity of the opening elements

Every opening variant can be motorized.

The engine is adaptable to all cases of sliding : 

– multiple opening on 1, 2 or 3 tracks, 

– wall pocket(s), 

– corner opening.

The motor is very compact (length 46cm, width 7cm, height 8cm), which makes the installation easier under the lintel. 

The motor is entirely invisible and accessible through the inside part of the sliding rail ;  for the control, no trap door in the wall or ceiling is needed, just a stainless plate needs to be removed.

Maximal weight: 1600 kg/pannel. The motor can be connected to any home automation system.

Manual systems

All the elements are equipped with the basic version, integrated multi-point locking. A rods system involves, at least, 3 stainless steel points closing.

Electrical systems

Opening can be operated through an electronic pad, a simple switch or a remote control.

The sliding panels, especially in great sizes, can be installed with motors ; 

maximum weight per panel : 1 600 k