Glass Partition With Division

A Glass Partition Wall or Glass Panels Can Create a Sophisticated, Open  Look in Your Home or Office | ABC Glass & Mirror

Glass partitions or (glass partition walls) are high-quality, non load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. Glass partition walls are great for opening up a room and creating open, airy work environments. Partition wall systems are typically full glass (ceiling to wall) partitions. Aluminum frames or other mounting hardware hold these systems in place.

As a building material, this interior glass allows designers and architects to divide a room, without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion. Glass partition walls are ideal for creating comfortable and practical office working environments. When you allow natural light to flow into a given space, it changes how shapes, colors, patterns, textures and people interact. Glass partition walls are also one of the simplest ways to update an office or commercial space.

These glazing systems systems are gaining in popularity over traditional drywall installations. Interior designers and architects both appreciate these glass wall systems for their scalability and translucent properties.

  • Glass partition wall systems are over time often more affordable than traditional building materials like drywall.
  • These commercial glass systems are scalable.
  • You can reconfigure and move glass partition walls to accommodate a wide array of needs.
  • As compared to sheetrock, glass partitions are a less permanent and more mobile solution.
  • Given their opacity, glass walls allow natural light into a work space.
  • Frameless glass walls reduce your need for additional lighting.
  • Glass partition walls obviously afford greater transparency.
  • Customers, clients and employees all appreciate seeing who they’re working with.
  • Partition walls create a greater feeling of openness and connectivity.