Galandage Window


An multi-functional system with multiple perimetral frames and gives you the chance to add head or perimetral sashes. This creates the option for curved or straight sashes. The straight sash version also gives you the option to include the Galandage 4200 slider solution. It is created to allow to hide your sashes into the wall creating more space in your rooms.

The Galandage system allows the use of both sing and dual rail frames allowing for balcony doors with 1,2 and 4 hidden sashes.

A versatile system with multiple perimetral frames and the possibility of head or perimetral sashes. This presents a stylish option with curved or straight sashes. In its version of straight head sashes, the GALANDAGE 4200 Slider solution is included.  It is designed to allow the possibility of an integral opening in the space to totally hide the sashes in the building’s curtain wall chamber.  This achieves a 100% opening surface. The GALANDAGE option allows a single rail and dual rail frame allowing for balcony systems with 1, 2 & 4 hidden sashes. It also allows for the incorporation of one sash in parallel hidden from the Tamiz solar protection system.