Engineered Systems are Categorized Into 4 Different Systems

1.Breathing Windows

Breathing Windows have all kinds of openings (casement, tilt-and-turn and sliding) . The window fitting allows the window to swing open between 6 and 8 millimetres. With this gap in the window, there is slow but constant air circulation while the window remains in the closed position and cannot be opened from the outside. The microventilation mechanism can also be adjusted, allowing variations in the ventilation flow.

● Very easy to use
● Compliance with DB-HS standards
● Lower cost than other systems (aerator type)
● Mechanism hidden in the fitting, so the look of the window is not affected

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2.Invisible Windows & Doors

In Invisible Windows the invisible sash and handle can’t be seen from the exterior of the property, so from the outside, you can’t determine which are fixed zones and which are opening panels. The effect is a uniform look for the entire façade, giving a stylish exterior which eliminates the appearance of bulky hardware. With a window profile thickness of 1.9mm, their slimline nature can look great against a variety of property styles. It’s easy to customise the design with a wide range of opening possibilities, as well as colour powered coatings in various RAL shades, textures and finishes such as wood effects. There’s even the possibility of dual colours which means homeowners can select different shades for inside and out. This is ideal if you want to achieve a different look between interior rooms and the exterior of the property.

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3.Seamless Floor Slimline

Seamless Floor Slimline is a 60 mm frame depth Euro-Groove hidden sash window system . Having Seen surface of only 63 mm from the outside , Extraordinary increase in luminosity , Possibility of incorporating hardware with concealed hinges & the security system Evo Security with Possibility of straight or curved sashes . Have Glazing upto 28mm . Both Section Size are 60mm . And weight 160kg . Possibility of bicolor systems , Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough) Wood effect powder coating , Anti-bacterial powder coating ,Anodized.

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4.Slimline Glazing & Facades

Slimline Glazing : A light curtain walling system with thermal insulation. With a seen internal section of only 18mm, both in the mullion as well as the transom, this new façade system presents a minimalist style and slenderness allowing a total entry of light to the interior of the building.
The mullion and transom profiles equalize its depth giving rise to a flush assembly that provides uniformity to the internal style of the façade. The glazing is achieved by fixing the glass using aluminium pressure covers, both in vertical as in horizontal, in such a way that the external view is 52mm and internally is only 18mm.

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5.Frameless Glazing System

Frameless Glazing System : The most architecturally desired impression of frameless glazing emerges from the interplay between the ca. 20 mm wide, dark joints between the elements that are used and the reflection behaviour of the outer pane. Through the choice of the profiles and infills, the requirements of thermal and noise insulation are decisively influenced. Infills can be transparent or opaque.
Frameless glass facades have a contemporary look that is very inviting and attractive.  They display a neat, uncluttered appearance that can set a positive image if the building is a place of employment. The contemporary appearance also benefits the image of a workplace building. 

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6.Magic Ventilation

Magic Ventilation is use for natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation and for ventilation . They are suitable for daily room ventilation, for smoke and heat extraction systems  and as natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilator . Due to the mechanical locking it is not necessary to use additional electrical locking drives. 

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