Cortizo Window System

Cortizo stands out for completing the whole manufacturing cycle of aluminum: foundry, extrusion, powder coating, anodizing, chemical brightening, CNC machining, packaging, storage and distribution.

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  • Sliding Window System
  • Hinged Window System
  • Facade System
  • Solar Protection
  • Accessories

Cost Of Cortizo Window System

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Want To More Know About Cortizo Systems

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Colour Options For Cortizo Windows

  • Powder Coating: Powder coated simply means spraying a polyester powder onto the aluminium to give a uniform and vibrant finish. Powder coating is typically considered to be the highest quality finish for an aluminium window as it is low-maintenance and weather resistant. Fixtures such as handles and hinges can be colour matched, too.
  • Anodizing : it is an electrochemical procedure which creates a protective aluminum oxide coating on the aluminum surface. Lifetime of such protective finish varies depending on how thick is the anodic coating.

Some Special Typologies For Cortizo System

3D Models By Austin Glaze