CORA Roll Up Pleated Mesh

Roll Up Pleated Mesh


Our Cora roll up and pleated mesh is tailored to deal with your prime concerns surrounding pest and insects. It is a common concern amongst customers all across the country for which we have introduced the innovative product. The Cora Rollup & Pleated mesh was created with a clear intention of protecting your home against insects and other pests, without losing ventilation.


Fire retardant fibre glass mesh & high quality polyester mesh is used. Outer frame is sleek aluminium.


Height can vary based on the window & door selected. Durable for winds upto 100km/hr. Polyester pleated mesh can go upto 16-20 pleats. Available in both grey & black colour.

Comes in 4 options

  • Vertical (Pull Down)
  • Horizontal (Pleated)
  • Double
  • Central Opening


  • 5 Years


Best solution to screen out insects and mosquitoes.