CORA Panjur

Cora Panjur


CORA Panjur is a security feature that has been specially designed and manufactured to protect against sunlight, variable external heat conditions and storms. Our Panjur provide absolute privacy in a closed position, and when it is half open, it helps in ventilation. It maintains its windows and doors for many years without losing its qualities


Aluminium reinforced with Polyurethane (PU Foam).


Each Cora Panjur blade has a thickness of 3-6 (mm) and Height of 2-3.5(mm). The entire panjur cassette is supposed to be approx 40-102(mm) in dia.


  • 5 Years


Cora panjur is highly efficient in controlling the amount of sunlight, to provide privacy, security and to protect against weather or unwanted intrusion.

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