CORA Louver Shutters

Louver Shutters


Cora Louver shutters are an exceptional design and architectural feature that protects buildings against elements like rain and sun. It can be assembled on the frame or on the wall and can be separated into three broad categories: single sash, double sash and bifold sash according to their assembly style. Our products are tested for quality and hence offer exceptional durability, long life and can be adjusted with all kinds of window systems.


  • They generally come with 3 blade types – Aluminium, Glass & uPVC. Plastic hinges (living hindge designs) are provided in the corners for operational support
  • They can be installed with both manual & remote opearations.

Remote Functionality

  • Single touch to open, fully close or open to an intermediate position.
  • Can operate multiple louvers with one remote
  • Permit control by smart phones & Tablets within a range of approx 10 meter to 20 meter.
  • Built in temp sensor allows room to be naturally cooled or windows to be closed automatically to retain warmth when required.
  • Pre set timers allow windows to be automatically set to operate
  • Night mode allows the brightness of the LED light to be adjusted to minimise potential sleep disruptions.


  • 5 Years


When fully closed these windows ensure that they are seal tight to provide superior protection against wind, dust & water.

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