Burglar Resistant Windows

Windows & Glazing’s act as the the common sources of entry into a Home, Office or any personal or public property for Burglars, Thieves or any unwanted guests.

Safety can be gained through Burglar Resistant Glazing’s or Intruder Resistant Doors & Windows. It has been noticed that Windows are one of the main potential entry points of potential thieves and burglars as they are often the weak link security wise.
So we have brought the best systems to take care of the same.

» Transmittance

Uw from 0,9 (W/m²K)

Please consult typology, dimensions and glazing

» Maximum acoustic insulation

Rw=44 dB

» Air permeability

(EN 12207:2000) CLASS 4

» Water tightness

(EN 12208:2000) CLASS E1200

» Wind resistance

(EN 12210:2000) CLASS C5

Reference test 1,23 x 1,48 m. 2 Sashes window.
» Burgular resistant

(EN 1627:2011): Grade RC2 (WK2)

Reference test  2,52 x 1,47 m. 1 sash 
with EVO SECURITY hardware

» Hinged window system with frame depth of 70 mm

» Polyamide strip length 35 mm

» Transmittance from 0,9 W/m²K

» Maximum glazing thickness: 55 mm

» Possibility of incorporating hardware with  concealed hinges & the security system Evo Security

» Maximum glazing thickness

55 mm

» Opening possibilities

Open inwards:

Side hung, turn & tilt, tilt & parallel, bottom hung  

Open outwards:

Side-hung, top hung projecting and hidden pivoting system of either vertical or horizonal axis

» Setions

Frame – 70 mm / Sash – 78 mm

» Profile thickness

Window 1,5 mm
Door 1,7 mm

» Polyamide strip length

from 32 to 35 mm

» Maximum dimensions/sash

Width (L) = 1.500 mm
Height (H) = 2.600 mm

» Maximum weight/sash

160 Kg

Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions according to types

» Finishes

Possibility of  bicolor systems
Color powder coating (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating