Aluminante-STANDARD-Austin Glaze


The desire of man for comfort, convenience and safety, quickly made the stairs extremely popular. Handrails and railings are one of the most important elements of any staircase.


Aluminum can be called, perhaps, an ideal material for the manufacture of railings. Enclosing structures made of aluminum are not as heavy as, for example, stainless steel railings. However, they also look presentable and modern. Aluminum, like any metal, is durable and durable, while at the same time it is lightweight.

 This high-tech construction is able to decorate both the interior of a residential house or cottage, and the interior of the most prestigious building. Perila can be installed in Shopping and Business Centers, medical and educational institutions, in residential and industrial construction.

Anodized aluminum – aluminum with a special coating obtained by electrolytic method. The main purpose of this coating is to prevent the oxidation process in air and protection from minor mechanical damage.

Our company offers a railing of 3 types

1.Aluminum fences of rectangular section.
2. Aluminum fencing square.
3. Aluminum fencing with a round cross section.

The use of aluminum railings in comparison with other materials can be called:

• beauty and aesthetics – the design has a unique metallic luster, the ability to choose any color from the Ral catalog. Flexibility of possible forms;

  • ease of operation – no special care is required, handrails are washed with ordinary soapy water, there is no need for polishing and painting the handrails;прочность и resistance to chemicals and mechanical damage;

•      low price in comparison with similar structures made of stainless steel or forging;

  • durability – the appearance of the railing will remain presentable for many years, even when used outdoors, the rails have frost resistance and heat resistance, and are also resistant to moisture;
  • when installing aluminum railings, as a rule, they do not use welding, this makes it possible to mount railings in rooms with complete repairs already made, fixing railings and handrails can be made to walls, steps or the floor.

Railing benefits:

  • cheaper than stainless steel railing.

• always available.

• do not require polishing and welding.

• builds as a constructor.

• beautiful, aesthetic and noble look.

• do not corrode.

• a variety of filling between racks.

• All parts are interchangeable.

• Anodizing 13 microns ensures durability of product operation and high resistance to weathering, therefore, they are installed both inside and outside the room.

Railing is not only an important element of safety and convenience, but also an important part of the exterior. Made from anodized aluminum, stylish and spectacular designs look just great.

The railing can be installed on:

  • The balcony.
  • In the banks.
  • In bathrooms, on a washstand.
  • Shopping and Business Centers.
  • Medical and educational institutions.
  • Porch.
  • Ramp.
  • Stair flights.
  • Spiral staircase.
  • Radius fences and handrails for the disabled