Aluminante-ACURA Q27-Austin Glaze


The innovative model of the aluminum pergola ACURA Q27 allows for individual climate control and creates the perfect microclimate. Ergonomic and stable design, excellent resistance to strong gusts of wind and easy to install on any type of surface. It has an incredibly stylish and aesthetic design.

Pergola ACURA Q27 with slewing lamellas is a unique solution on the market from Aluminante. The popular bioclimatic pergola was developed by our specialists, especially for favorable outdoor recreation, as well as protection from the sun and adverse weather conditions. This made it possible to significantly improve the performance characteristics of the product and create a better price offer without loss of quality.

Create an ideal microclimate, due to individual adjustment of the level of lighting and air circulation. In the closed state, they form a roof impervious to rain and sun. Aluminum lamellae practically do not heat up and do not emit harmful fumes. Support beams and columns are made of high-quality aluminum and coated with thermosetting powder paint. Fasteners are made of stainless steel. The model ACURA Q27 has the highest class of wind resistance on the Beaufort scale and is stable with a wind strength of 10 points. Additionally integrates a wide range of additional options. The average service life is 10 years.

Main Application

  • cafes, restaurants,
  • winter gardens
  • country verandas and terraces,
  • patio
  • outdoor pools.


  • A new approach to a new generation.
  • Modern aesthetic form
  • Color for every taste
  • Easy to install and use
  • Silent operation
  • Ability to withstand high wind pressure and dynamic load
  • Control selection, push-button control (switch) or several remote control options
  • Controlling fresh air indoors
  • Ability to open and close with minimal effort
  • The ability to control the engine via USB when the power is off


  • Aluminum frame thickness from 3.5 mm to 5 mm.
  • Built-in spillway system.
  • Engines Somfy France.
  • Fasteners made of impact-resistant and stainless steel INOX.
  • Panel thickness of 3 mm.
  • Seals between the panels.
  • The distance between the rails is 300 mm.
  • Without a tilt angle.

Additional options:

  • Sun sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Wind sensor