Ersaş Aluminum

ERSAŞ Aluminium have started its operations in Aluminium sector in 1970. Head Office of Ersas Aluminium located in Istanbul and Ankara, it is integrated institution with 20.000 m2 (squeal meter) Aluminium Profile extrusion Factory in Tekirdag /Çerkezköy and 100.000 m2 (squel meter) PVC and Composite Profile Extrusion Factory in Tekirdag / Çorlu. ERSAŞ Aluminium continues its organizational structure with affiliated companies and brands: PAL System Composite Profile Window System, PASCAL Aluminium Door and Windows System, Aluminium Furniture Profiles, Industrial Profiles, Ersaş Bond Aluminum Composite Panel, and other branched Aluminium and PVC exrusion profiles. Ersaş Alüminyum can produce special profiles for your needs with modern mold design and fast production. ERSAŞ Aluminium exporting the goods more than 48 country with high quality products and short production time. All our production is being made under European Quality Norms (EN 14351:1-2010.)

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