Since Year 1967

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Cortizo S.A Spain / Complete Product Range

Austin Glaze provides the complete range of Architectural Aluminium Window products from Cortizo Spain, France Etc..All of CORTIZO’s building systems are tested in the Testing Laboratory of our Technical Center to guarantee the best performance of watertightness, air permeability and wind resistance, guaranteed by obtaining the maximum results in their test classifications.Design, innovation and quality are a common denominator in all of our more than 50 systems of windows, doors, facades, composite panel, railings and solar protection systems designed by our R & D & I department.

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Weeeze Switzerland / World Largest Slimline Windows Manufacturer

Austin Glaze Provides the complete range of Architectural Aluminium Window Systems from Weeeze Switzerland. Producer of minimal doors and windows for contemporary architecture.It produces largest Slimline Windows available in the World. The centre intersection vertical visible mullion of only 25mm thickness. Largest size is 6 mtr Height or Width in single Shutter.Since 2010, Pack-Line is moving towards the design and production of ultra thin king size sliding windows for contemporary architecture.

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Starwood Italy / Largest Alu-wood Company.

Starpur, 20 years of leadership

Starpur, with its Starwood brand, has focused, right from the start on the design and production of doors and windows of high technical and esthetic quality.The mission: to offer an innovative idea for doors and windows that merges technology and design in a customer service context.It comes as no surprise that Starpur has been a leader in the aluminum/wood sector for around twenty years.

Austin Glaze Slimframe Shower Glass Partitions or Enclosures.

Austin Glaze provides the slimmest Aluminium Profiles for shower Partitions. These are most ultra modern showers available in India.With its very small-width aluminium profiles, visible from the external side of the construction, Slim-profile enables to fabricate casements in two variants – with visible or invisible profiles (AG) from the external side of the structure. When invisible casements are used, the appearance of openable and fixed units is almost identical. This system can also greatly replace the old-style Showers, made of steel profiles and maintain a similar appearance from the outside of the construction.


Austin Glaze Slim Frame Glass Partitions

Austin Glaze provides the slimmest Aluminium Profiles for Slider & Swing Partitions. These are most Luxurious & Adorable Slider Partitions available in India.Amid transparency, reflections, and colours, dynamic interiors relate to one another, with the design for space and furnishings constitute a whole. An overall vision that combines technological innovation withstylistic variety, with a view to creating spaces that are ever more in line with individual sensitivities.Aluminium and glass: two natural materials that are environment-friendly and always used for newaesthetic and functional solutions.

fire rated glass

Austin Glaze Fire Rated Glass & Glazing’s

Austin Glaze Provides the complete range of Fire Rated Glass Products.We encourage architecture built on innovation. We clarify the relationship between form and function. We deliver unrivaled support to keep you in the right frame of mind. This approach is why we are the recognized leader in fire-rated glass and framing.Austin Glaze group is solely involved with the dedicated companies than are in R&D, testing, manufacturing, sales & marketing of Fire resistant glasse.

attack resistant glass

Austin Glaze Attack Resistant Glass & Glazing’s

Austin Glaze provides Special series Armour Glass for the Safety against Intruder Attacks. Special Specifications are considered in recommending the best Solution for any type of Window or Door Opening.EN 356 is a European Standard for glazing to withstand an intruder attack, it has two resistance levels, the lower levels, P1A – P5A, also use the drop test but the higher resistance levels test using a hydraulically driven hammer and axe head, to replicate an actual attack. The higher resistance levels are P6B, P7B and P8B which require the samples to withstand 30/50, 51,70 or 71+ sledge hammer and axe blows respectively, before a 400mm square aperture is created.

Austin Glaze Anti Intruder Windows 2

Austin Glaze Intruder Protection RC2 Glazing‘S

Austin Glaze Provides Intruder protection Cor 70 Industrial System from Cortizo.» Hinged window system with frame depth of 70 mm» Polyamide strip length 35 mm» Transmittance from 0,9 W/m²K» Maximum glazing thickness: 55 mm» Possibility of incorporating hardware with concealed hinges & the security system Evo SecurityWindow system we can offer the market superior insulated anti-burglar windows that have as elegant appearance as normal windows. The windows can be either inward opening with tilt and turn function or fixed.

Austin Glaze 6 mtr Height Window

Austin Glaze 6 meter Height Sliding Panel & fixed Panel

Austin Glaze Provides system for 6 mtr Height or Width in single moving shutter in Manual & Motorised options.Austin Glaze Installed Largest Sized Glass Sliding Window.We Provide Directly From manufactures aluminium joineries (doors, windows, verandas) for Swiss metal manufacturers.In the course of time, Company has developed a strong expertise in new products, allowing prescribers to offer large technical solutions for bay windows.Company is moving towards the design and production of ultra thin king size sliding windows for contemporary architecture.

Austin Glaze Collapsable Louver Skylight

Austin Glaze Motorised Collapse-able Louvers & Skylights.

Austin Glaze provides the premium Motorised Skylight & Louvers Series.

Protect yourself against the sun, rain, wind or cold and enjoy!

This stylish louvered roof with a flat sun – and waterproof roof turns your terrace into a pleasant outdoor space. With an easy operation and a silent working of the blades you can realise the ideal incidence of light and ventilation in no time.

Excellent user comfort!

Thanks to different options, the terrace can be used from early in the morning untill late in the evening. In this way, an additional living space is created. The louvered roof can be provided with lightning.For an even better user comfort, there is also a rain- and wind sensor.

Company Vision:

We are Austin Glaze.In our industry, we are known as innovators who bring new products and techniques to our customers. We deal in Commercial and Residential projects like Shopping Mall, Vilas, Cinemas, and Premium Houses etc. We work with them, tailoring solutions exactly to their needs. In consultation with architects & other design professionals, we can develop the glass specifications for both large and small projects.It is the policy of Austin Glaze to pursue our business in a manner that achieves economic objectives while simultaneously addressing environmental goals and to go beyond the current standards for environmental conduct by creating products that have a net positive impact on the environment. This requires that we conduct our operations in full compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and perform our functions in a manner that protects the health and safety of our Customers & Employees.

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Austin Glaze Helpline.

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