Cortizo S.A Spain / Complete Product Range

Austin Glaze provides the complete range of Architectural Aluminium Window products from Cortizo Spain, France Etc..

All of CORTIZO's building systems are tested in the Testing Laboratory of our Technical Center to guarantee the best performance of watertightness, air permeability and wind resistance, guaranteed by obtaining the maximum results in their test classifications.

Design, innovation and quality are a common denominator in all of our more than 50 systems of windows, doors, facades, composite panel, railings and solar protection systems designed by our R & D & I department.

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Weeeze Switzerland / World Largest Slimline Windows Manufacturer

Austin Glaze Provides the complete range of Architectural Aluminium Window Systems from Weeeze Switzerland. Producer of minimal doors and windows for contemporary architecture.

It produces largest Slimline Windows available in the World. The centre intersection vertical visible mullion of only 25mm thickness. Largest size is 6 mtr Height or Width in single Shutter.

Since 2010, Pack-Line is moving towards the design and production of ultra thin king size sliding windows for contemporary architecture.

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Starwood Italy / Largest Alu-wood Company.

Starpur, 20 years of leadership

Starpur, with its Starwood brand, has focused, right from the start on the design and production of doors and windows of high technical and esthetic quality.The mission: to offer an innovative idea for doors and windows that merges technology and design in a customer service context.It comes as no surprise that Starpur has been a leader in the aluminum/wood sector for around twenty years!

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Austin Glaze Slim Shower Profiles / Product #28

Austin Glaze provides the slimmest Aluminium Profiles for shower Partitions. These are most ultra modern showers available in India.

With its very small-width aluminium profiles, visible from the external side of the construction, Slim-profile enables to fabricate casements in two variants – with visible or invisible profiles (AG) from the external side of the structure. When invisible casements are used, the appearance of openable and fixed units is almost identical. This system can also greatly replace the old-style Showers, made of steel profiles and maintain a similar appearance from the outside of the construction.

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Austin Glaze Slim Frame Partitions / Product #14

Austin Glaze provides the slimmest Aluminium Profiles for Slider & Swing Partitions. These are most Luxurious & Adorable Slider Partitions available in India.

Amid transparency, reflections, and colours, dynamic interiors relate to one another, with the design for space and furnishings constitute a whole. An overall vision that combines technological innovation with
stylistic variety, with a view to creating spaces that are ever more in line with individual sensitivities.

Aluminium and glass: two natural materials that are environment-friendly and always used for new
aesthetic and functional solutions.

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Austin Glaze Framed Showers/ Product #30

Austin Glaze provides the Framed Shower Partitions available in Slider & Swing Partitions. These are most unique Partitions available in India.

Underlining the design philosophy: total freedom of fixing with the possibility of installing the door with opening by pulling or by pushing. An essential design where the finishes selected for this door express a new materiality and introduce a materic and sophisticated warmth.

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Austin Glaze Point Fixed Facade / Product #41

Point-fixed glass facade: Getting to the heart of beautiful facade ideas.

If high transparency and a visual unit of the materials are called for, then a point-fixed glass facade with steel, chromium steel or aluminium profiles is used. The principle of framed glass surfaces is replaced by punctiform placed single holders based on friction or bearing stress connections. Point holders pass the occurring loads into a separate supporting structure, which can be placed both directly behind the glass surface as well as considerably separated from it.

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Austin Glaze Glass Railing Profiles / Product #32

Austin Glaze provides the best range of Glass Railing Solutions with more than 28 design patterns of Aluminium Profile with best finishes available in the World. These are most Glass Railing available in India.

This balustrade system enables 12 glazing possibilities: double glass of 10, 8 or 6 mm joined by up to 4 polyvinyl butyrals of 0.38 mm. The use of tempered glass is suggested.

Tests according to UNE 85237:1991, UNE 85.238:1991 and UNE 85240:1990, requirements established in CTE (DB SU-1 y DB SE- AE) y requirements established in Eurocode 1 according to EN 1991-1-1:2003 /AC:2010 for Special Profiles.
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Austin Glaze Fixed Glass Profiles / Product #17

Austin Glaze provides the best Aluminium Profiles for Fixed Partitions.

The wall connecting profiles seal toughened-glass designs to the wall, ceiling and floor in a clean, elegant manner and ensure secure support for side parts and roof lights. Many different materials such as aluminum, brass, stainless steel and many different surfaces offer a premium and attractive look.

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Austin Glaze Burglar Resistant Glass / Product #45

Austin Glaze Provides Security Glazing with a range of laminated glass products designed for prolonged physical attack and burglary resistance. Securus and Emara Securus are high performance institutional glazing products utilizing chemically strengthened glass or heat strenghtened glass and PVB for prolonged physical attack resistance. Securus annealed glass laminates are designed to prevent “smash and grab” burglary at retail establishments and meet UL 972 test standards. These products do not provide bullet resistance. Our Single Responsibility program covers all of our products.

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Austin Glaze Fire Rated Glass / Product #37

Austin Glaze Provides the complete range of Fire Rated Glass Products.

We encourage architecture built on innovation. We clarify the relationship between form and function. We deliver unrivaled support to keep you in the right frame of mind. This approach is why we are the recognized leader in fire-rated glass and framing.

Austin Glaze group is solely involved with the dedicated companies than are in R&D, testing, manufacturing, sales & marketing of Fire resistant glasses.

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Austin Glaze Attack Resistant Glass & Glazing / Product #51

Austin Glaze provides Special series Armour Glass for the Safety against Intruder Attacks. Special Specifications are considered in recommending the best Solution for any type of Window or Door Opening.

EN 356 is a European Standard for glazing to withstand an intruder attack, it has two resistance levels, the lower levels, P1A - P5A, also use the drop test but the higher resistance levels test using a hydraulically driven hammer and axe head, to replicate an actual attack. The higher resistance levels are P6B, P7B and P8B which require the samples to withstand 30/50, 51,70 or 71+ sledge hammer and axe blows respectively, before a 400mm square aperture is created.

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Austin Glaze Customisable Decorative Glass / Product #67

Your home is your greatest investment. With decorative glass, you can make it stand out while solving everyday privacy, light and décor challenges. Whether you’re tired of unsightly blinds, are wanting to eliminate the sun’s glare pouring into your kitchen or living room or need more privacy, we offer an array of decorative glass solutions that can do all three. Choose a design that reflects your personality. Complement your home’s greatest features. Illuminate colors to enhance your view. Make a desirable statement. Take advantage of your home’s glass to create greater comfortability and aesthetic appeal.

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Austin Glaze Glass-Glow Series / Product #34

Austin Glaze Provides the Glass-Glow series.

Add 'wow factor' now to your interior design, with the latest creative backlit ideas and images, exclusive from illuminati glass panels. Choose your own design or have our designers work with you to help create your own style. Colour backed glass, combined with lighting, creates the desired mood whatever the occasion.

The “Illuminati” illuminated graphic glass panels are available as one-off productions for highlighting your brand in interior and exterior displays, available with colour control or fixed colours.

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Austin Glaze Glass Fusion / Product #23

Austin Glaze provides the premium Glass-Feel & Glass Fusion Series.

Whilst honoring age old art glass traditions, Fusion Glassworks Inc. specializes in artistic, innovative glass solutions, incorporating state of the art equipment and technology for both residential and commercial clients. With a strong focus on supporting the local glass scene, our client base extends throughout India.

You can give us any requirement we can customise according to the Design provided.

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Austin Glaze Intruder Protection RC2 / Product #126

Austin Glaze Provides Intruder protection Cor 70 Industrial System from Cortizo.

» Hinged window system with frame depth of 70 mm

» Polyamide strip length 35 mm
» Transmittance from 0,9 W/m²K
» Maximum glazing thickness: 55 mm
» Possibility of incorporating hardware with  concealed hinges & the security system Evo Security

Window system we can offer the market superior insulated anti-burglar windows that have as elegant appearance as normal windows. The windows can be either inward opening with tilt and turn function or fixed.

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Austin Glaze 6 meter Height Window / Product #43

Austin Glaze Provides system for 6 mtr Height or Width in single moving shutter in Manual & Motorised options.

Austin Glaze Installed Largest Sized Glass Sliding Window.

We Provide Directly From manufactures aluminium joineries (doors, windows, verandas) for Swiss metal manufacturers.

In the course of time, Company has developed a strong expertise in new products, allowing  prescribers to offer  large technical solutions for bay windows.

Company is moving towards the design and production of ultra thin king size sliding windows for contemporary architecture.


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Austin Glaze Alarm Glass / Product #36

Austin Glaze provides Alarm Glass.

Alarm glass is a safety glass in two different variants. On the one hand we offer Stadip Alarm as laminated safety glass used to prevent burglary with visible wires laminated in the make-up. Securit Alarm is our second option available as a tempered safety glass with a visible or invisible alarm detector. When shattered it breaks into thousand little pieces and sets off an alarm dissuading intruders from entering the building.


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Austin Glaze Skid Resistant Glass / Product #122

Austin Glaze Provides Skid Resistant Glass.

The demand for acid-etched glass in pedestrian areas has steadily increased over recent years. Its remarkable qualities in light transmittance and of its aesthetics have unquestionably contributed to this situation.

The anti-slip acid-etched glass products ally discretion, light transmittance, durability, safety and add an undeniable sophisticated touch of design. The coefficient of friction for the three Traction options has been calculated based on ANSI A137.1:2012 Section 9.6 - Procedure for Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF).

Anti-Skid glass is typically used as part of a multi-layer glass assembly requiring appropriate engineering. Please consult a structural engineer before designing a glass stair tread or floor.


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Austin Glaze Automatic & Remote Operated Tintable Glass / Product #34

Austin Glaze Provides the Automatic & Remote Operated Tintable Glass.

SageGlass is the world leader in dynamic glass. Capable of tinting or clearing on demand to regulate daylight, heat or glare, this glass solution is fully automatic, noiseless and energy efficient: Your facade or skylight becomes smart and connected for your comfort. Unlike traditional solar protection systems, SageGlass always remains transparent and enables the view to the outside world.


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Austin Glaze Contra-Radar Glass / Product #55

Austin Glaze provides Contra-Radar Glass Series.

Contraradar is a special laminated glass which minimizes the reflection of radar waves to ensure accurate observation of air traffic in airport control towers. Available in single or double glazing units, for exterior application in surrounding airport buildings.

  • Effective reduction of radar interference
  • For applications in close proximity to airport control towers
  • Available in IGU for energy efficiency and comfort


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Austin Glaze presents Fog Free Mirrors / Product #101

Austin Glaze Provides Fog Free Mirrors.

Don’t waste another moment fretting over a fogged mirror. After taking a long hot shower to help wake you up in the morning before heading off to work, you don’t have the extra time to waste waiting for your mirror to defog so you can get ready to leave. Our mirror defoggers are the answer to this problem. By installing a mirror defogger on the back of your mirror, the mirror will stay clear—regardless of how long you spend in the shower.

With a top quality mirror defogger there is no need for towels, fans or any other method to clear your mirror as you are getting ready after your shower. Mirror defoggers are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for standard bathroom mirror displays, and can also be ordered to fit a custom size mirror. All defoggers are 120 Volts and are built to last; allowing you to enjoy your time in the shower without worrying about the effect steam may have on your mirrors.


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Austin Glaze Jumbo Sized Glass / Product #65

Austin Glaze Provides Jumbo Sized Glass with best specifications.

The cladding world has gone mad. Facade units get bigger and bigger every year. Glass and panel dimensions are exceeding any reasonable measure. Who are to be blamed for it? Architects are partly responsible, for sure. The last gossip says Foster + Partners are designing a big company HQ in the Pacific coast with 15m long insulated glass units. Seismic movements in the region don't seem to refrain the architects from trying the impossible once again...

But industry has also entered the race with pleasure. The 'jumbo size' glass, that is, the maximum dimensions of a glass sheet, was 6,000 x 3,210mm up to 2007. Since then a new jumbo size appeared: 9,000 x 3,210mm. Double glass units of 7,500 x 3,200mm or even 9,000 x 3200mm are now commercially avilable. Visitors at the last Glasstec Düsseldorf in October 2010 could see a huge insulated glass panel of 18,000 x 3,300mm! It had three layers of 10mm and weighed 4,5 tons. The producer was the large-dimensions glass specialist from Hörden, Germany.


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Austin Glaze Collapse-able Louvers / Product #24

Austin Glaze provides the premium Motorised Skylight & Louvers Series.

Protect yourself against the sun, rain, wind or cold and enjoy!

This stylish louvered roof with a flat sun - and waterproof roof turns your terrace into a pleasant outdoor space. With an easy operation and a silent working of the blades you can realise the ideal incidence of light and ventilation in no time.

Excellent user comfort!

Thanks to different options, the terrace can be used from early in the morning untill late in the evening. In this way, an additional living space is created. The louvered roof can be provided with lightning.
For an even better user comfort, there is also a rain- and wind sensor.


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Austin Glaze Non Reflective Glass / Product #99

Austin Glaze Provides Non Reflective Glass.

Anti-reflective glass for façades offers crystal clear transparency, even with a significant difference in the amount of light in front of and behind the pane. It reduces reflections to just a fraction of those seen with conventional glass. This makes anti-reflective glass the material of choice for display windows and showrooms, interpreter cabins, VIP seating areas in stadiums and panorama restaurants, television and recording studios, façades and balustrades, lobbies and foyers.


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Austin Glaze Switch Glass Series / Product #38

Austin Glaze Provides Switch Glass Series.

Switchable Privacy Glass provides an unforgettable experience, switching back and forth between a clear window panel and a non-transparent opaque panel.

This high-tech feature is creating privacy solutions in modern offices, residential homes, hospitals, universities, government buildings and banks across India and around the world.

At the flick of a switch, Switchable Privacy Glass can change its appearance from opaque to clear, giving you privacy or clear views on demand.

Switchable Glass is a laminated glass product. We construct Switchglass using a minimum glass pane thickness of 4mm.


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Austin Glaze Fog Free Glasses / Product #49

Austin Glaze provides the premium Fog Free Glasses Series.

Bathroom Mirror & Shower Partition Anti-Fog uses advanced technology for a superior, long-lasting coating on glass surfaces, such as windows and bathroom mirrors. During showers, steam condenses on bathroom mirrors, making it impossible to see. Shower Partition & Bathroom Mirror Anti-Fog lets you see clearly in the bathroom!

Product Features

  • For glass surfaces only
  • Helps prevents fogging on bathroom mirrors that occurs during hot showers
  • For Almost Any Glass Application


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Company Vision:


We are Austin Glaze.

In our industry, we are known as innovators who bring new products and techniques to our customers. We deal in Commercial and Residential projects like Shopping Mall, Vilas, Cinemas, and Premium Houses etc. We work with them, tailoring solutions exactly to their needs. In consultation with architects & other design professionals, we can develop the glass specifications for both large and small projects.

It is the policy of Austin Glaze to pursue our business in a manner that achieves economic objectives while simultaneously addressing environmental goals and to go beyond the current standards for environmental conduct by creating products that have a net positive impact on the environment. This requires that we conduct our operations in full compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations and perform our functions in a manner that protects the health and safety of our Customers & Employees.

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